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Haemodialysis Machine

Nikkiso DBB - 27

In its compact body, DBB-27 equips unique features developed for doctors, nurses and patients.

Easy Operation

  • 12.1-inch wide color LCD screen and status icons allow the operator to access the machine easily.
  • Patient data up to 16 people can be stored so that data setting before each treatment is saved.


  • Volumetric UF control system developed for accurate UF based on expertise of special pump technique.
  • Monitoring functions for valves and pumps checking condition and precision.

Dialysate Purification

  • EF-02 dialysate filter unit is installed as standard function for clean dialysate. (Refer to EF-02 section for details).
  • Special clean coupling in which sealing parts can be disinfected and keep coupling inside clean.
  • Concentrate nozzle cleaning unit (optional function) enables automatic rinse and disinfection for concentrate nozzle.

Maintenance Support

  • Flow diagram screen to check behavior of each section in piping.
  • Inspection and maintenance can be conducted easily by hatch back structure.

Nikkiso DBB - 26

We offer Haemodialysis Machine DBB-26.We offer Haemodialysis Machine DBB-26.


  • Twin Microprocessor controlled
  • Single needle HD built in.
  • Acetate and Bicarb HD with flexible concentrate formula
  • In built isolated UF Program (SCUF)
  • Self-test and Built in service Program.
  • Volumetric control UF.
  • Sodium Modeling and Bicarb modeling
  • UF Profile, Na Profile, Bicarb Profile.
  • Consumables ' UNIVERSAL USAGE'
  • On line UFR of Dialyser displays.
  • On line Dialysate "Na" displays.
  • Pre set auto disinfection program with on/off timer.
  • Machine function status indication pole standard and its fully reconditioning.

Nikkiso DBB - 06

By inheriting useful features of DBB-05, modified for users who need only the extract from DBB-05.


  • Single pump single needle (Click-clack)
  • Blood volume monitor *
  • Kt/V calculation
  • Blood pressure monitor *
  • Central concentrate supply *
  • Network connection*

User friendly interface

  • Patient profile up to 16 patients
  • Graphic indication of important parameters
  • Profiles for UF, total, bicarbonate conductivity.


  • Monitoring function for pumps and valves
  • Dialysate filter unit for clean dialysate.

Easy maintenance

  • Flow diagram screen to check behavior of each section in piping.
  • Machine and treatment history data.

Minntech Reprocessor


The Renatron II Dialyzer Reprocessing System automatically reprocesses dialyzers used by kidney dialysis patients and provides valuable data for record keeping and quality control.

  • Cleans, rinses, and tests membrane integrity, fiber leakout and blood compartment volume before filling dialyzer with sterilant. It also includes a pre-clean cycle for hard-to-clean dialyzers.
  • Fully computer-integrated dialyzer reprocessing system.
  • Modular Renalog data management software system controls one to six stations.
  • NSAI and US FDA approved product.
  • Automated reprocessing saves your staff valuable time and labor by avoiding manual interventions.


One touch...and that is all.

The ON DEMAND AUTO DILUTION SYSTEM was developed in response to a need for a safe, accurate and labor-saving alternative to manual preparation of 1% Renalin 100 solution. With a simple push, 1% Renalin 100 solution is prepared and dispensed. With no electrical hookups and no electronic systems, the ON DEMAND AUTODILUTION SYSTEM is a straight-forward and easy-to-install device and can be used with minutes.


The ON DEMAND AUTO DILUTION SYSTEM brings the user the ability to prepare 1% Renalin 100 solution without exposure to Renalin 100 Cold Sterilant Concentrate.

Accuracy and Validation

Validation studies of the patented design of the ON DEMAND AUTODILUTION SYSTEM demon-strated consistent and accurate performance in the preparation of 1% Renalin 100 solution.

Labor Savings

The ON DEMAND AUTODILUTION SYSTEM can save clinics hundereds of hours per year (time saved in the preparation of 1% Renalin 100 solution).


The on Demand Autolilution System proportions Renalin 100 Cold Sterilant and dispenses a continuous supply of 1% Renalin solution. A connection to a water supply that meets the AAMI requirements of RD60 and a container of Renalin 100 Cold Sterilant are all that is required. A unique vunturi system delivers a constant and consistent supply of 1% Renalin solution at the touch of a finger.

Dry Citrasate®

Citrate dialysate is available in India in a dry powdered version that can be mixed by the user to make Acid concentrate. The use of citric acid in the dialysate has been shown to be a safe and effective way to provide better dialysis therapy. Dry Citrasate is available in formulations:

  • Calcium 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 mEq/L
  • Potassium 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 mEq/L (Potassium Free Available)
  • Dextrose 100 mg% and 200 mg% (Dextrose Free Available)

Product Benefits

Dry Citrasate® has been shown to provide improved treatment for patients on routine long-term haemodialysis when compared to currently used dialysate formulations:
1. Those whose dialyzers clot despite large amounts of heparin,
2. Those who cannot use heparin, example those with heparin antibodies, and allergies.
3. Patients actively bleeding or who are at risk of haemorrhage.

Advantages of Dry Citrasate

  • Reduces metabolic acidosis
  • Increases reuse of Dialysers.
  • Improves dose of Dialysis.
  • Heparin can be reduced upto 55%.
  • Enables heparin-free dialysis of patients with antibodies to heparin (HIT) or those who are allergic to heparin.
  • Enables heparin-free dialysis of patients with acute renal failure who are at risk of bleeding.
  • Improves dialysis in patients who are "dialyzer clotters"
  • Improves Acid Base status.
  • Less thrombogenic dialysis.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Improves tolerance to treatment.
  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Saves huge storage space.

Product Information & Usage

Dry Citrasate® is available in standard formulation. (45X, 36.83X, 35X) and is supplied in Powdered form.
Dry Citrasate® comes in powder form that can be mixed on-site as needed. Its advantage is lower shipping and storage costs, since Dry Citrasate® occupies approximately 28 times less space or 80% less space than liquid Acid Concentrate. Dry Citrasate is packed in convenient pouches that can be reconstituted in the dialysis unit to prepare 5 liters, 10 liters and 50 liters of Acid Concentrate ready to be used.
There is no change in treatment routine or equipment required to use. Switching to Dry Citrasate® Dialysate is simple; just pour the Citrasate® (after reconstituting it at the site) concentrate into the container normally used on your dialysis system, or use it in the dialysis clinic's central supply system. No alterations in the dialysis machine are necessary. Patients and staff will see no difference in treatment procedures. To them, the conversion is "transparent" and convenient. There is no staff training needed before converting to SHIFA's Dry Citrasate® products. No special blood tests are needed when doing Citrate Dialysis.

The Simple, Smart Choice

Dry Citrasate® can be used just like traditional dialysate. There is no additional patient or system monitoring needed beyond that normally employed in treatment with standard dialysate formulations. For patients and staff, switching to Dry Citrasate® is transparent and convenient. It's all in the dialysate.

Dry Citrasate - Products


Renalin 100 Cold Sterilant For Reprocessing of Dialyzers

Renalin 100 is a proven cleaning and sterilization solution for increasing the reprocessing efficiency of the dialyzer.It is a stabilized mixture of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and acetic acid.Renalin is a sterilant and not just a disinfectant.

  • Tested and demonstrated to be effective in cleaning and sterilization.
  • Requires no premixing, eliminating the possibility of human error during the dilution process.
  • US FDA approved.
  • No predilution: shelf life 14 months.
  • Efficient and cost-effective
  • Available with indicator and residual test strips

Medica Blood Filtration


For a proper CRRT management, MEDICA offers a range of 5 hemofilters based on MediSulfone®, available in different surfaces for use on both children and adults. The high membrane permeability and excellent biocompatibility indicate the Medica Hemofilters for better CRRT performance. The range of Medica Hemofilters is :

  • D150 for paediatric treatment
  • D200, D300, D400, D500 for adult treatment.


MEDICA manufactures and offers a range of Hemoconcentrators that, thanks to the excellent biocompatibility of the MediSulfone® membrane and to the high properties of the hollow fibers, allow the quick removal of plasma water in excess together with plasma solutes smaller than 50,000 Daltons, giving back to the patient all the valuable blood components. The process is by an effective but gentle ultrafiltration that does not damage the blood cells. Hemoncentrators are available pre-rinsed to speed-up the priming procedure.

Water Treatment Plant

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HD Consumbles - DIA X

Hemodialyss Catheters

  • Polyurethane material.
  • Soft, geometrically designed conical tip to ensure easy insertion and prevent catheter related trauma.
  • Clear lumen extensions for enhanced visibility and safety.
  • Available in Adult & Paediatric Sizes.

Specifications & Ordering Information

Part No Dialysis Catheter Dilator Guidewire Scalpel Needle Syringe
Straight Extension & Curved Extension
DX1-S107013 1 Lumen 7F 13cms 8.5 F X 10 cm 0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe
DX1-S108016 1 Lumen 8F 16cms 9 F X 10 cm 0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe
DX1-S206516 2 Lumen 6.5F 16cms 7F X 10 cm 0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe
DX1-S208516 2 Lumen 8.5F 16cms 9F X 10 cm 0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe
DX1-S211513 2 Lumen 11.5F 13cms 11.5F X 20 cm
10 F x 15 cms
0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe
DX1-S212016 2 Lumen 12F 16cms 11.5F X 20 cm
10 F x 15 cms
0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe
DX1-S312016 3 Lumen 12F 16cms 11.5F X 20 cm
10 F x 15 cms
0.035 x 70 cm 11 No. Thumb Blade 18G 7cms 5ml Syringe

Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

  • Medical grade PVC tubing for higher bio-compatibility.
  • Advantage of built-in Heparine and Saline line.
  • Low Priming Volume.
  • Easy of use.
  • Customised blood tubing set as per clinic protocol and for different dialysis machines are available.

Dialysis Chair

Medical Dialysis Chair

We offer Medical Dialysis Chair.

Special Features:

  • Based on Homodynamic principles
  • Tilt adjustments can be done by using remote control
  • Dual geared motor
  • Interface to Blood Collection Monitor
  • Ensuring safety and comfort to the donor
  • Castor wheels with locking
  • Facility to blood collection from both sides
  • Micro controller based control.

Remote Controlled Dialysis Chair

The Remote Controlled Dialysis Chair has upholstered top. Its seat and back is either foam filled or fiber filled. The covering is made of various materials like leather, vinyl, rexine or any fabric etc. of various colours. The base is powder coated like epoxy coating, nylon coating, polyester coating etc. or chromium plated. Manually Adjustable Armrests. With I.V. Stand and Food Trolley Come with wheels which allow full mobility of the chair. Lock for safety and security during blood drawing. Can be both electrically or battery operated. Independent adjustments for backrest seat tilt leg rest seat height footrest.